Structural Concrete and Masonry

As well as Masonry Stone, Brick and Blockwork

Concrete Foundations and Superstructures

A very specialized service, construction of Concrete Foundations and Superstructures, involves the forming, scaffolding or steel decking, rebar installation, pouring, leveling, curing, de-framing and polishing of cement floors of large multi-level buildings.

Masonry Stone

A beautiful and economical building material

For the construction of various building components such as walls, columns, footings, arches, lintels and beams.


Durability and sustainability

Installing brick, as with other stone work, requires precision and a great deal of preparation. Our professionals will make sure your brick project is level and durable.


Lightweight and even fireproof

Whether used in conjunction with poured concrete, or stacked on their own, concrete blocks can provide a strong solid foundation to any size structure.